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During the autumn season and the cold winters, it is necessary for the heating systemof your home is always fully functional, to avoid physical discomforts and annoyances due to the cold. When a boiler stops working, in addition to not operating the radiators, it also does not allow the use of domestic hot water. In these cases, it is advisable to contact the assistance, who will promptly send a qualified technician, who will carry out the necessary checks and then, once the fault has been identified, will restore the operation of the device. In this guide we will find out which are the main models of boilers on the market, the prices relating to the purchase and maintenance and finally, the most common types of faults that can occur, compromising their operation. So let's see what to do when the boiler is in alarm .

Types of boilers and prices

There are various types of boilers on the market and each one has extremely different characteristics. The functionality of these devices, the brand chosen, the power and the cost applied by the retailer, are fundamental factors that define the price of these devices. Let's see together, below, what are the main boiler models that you can buy.
  • Gas boilers (LPG, diesel, methane): these are the most common models, since they are rather cheap, especially for the type of fuel used; they guarantee good thermal efficiency but are very polluting.
  • Condensing boilers : they are new generation devices, thanks to which it is possible to obtain an excellent thermal yield, and at the same time, to reduce consumption with a lower environmental impact; the efficiency of these models is given by the internal heat recovery mechanism.
  • Pellet boilers : these devices exploit a fuel considered to all intents and purposes green, since it does not leave too many combustion residues to be disposed of and comes from wood processing waste; although the cost of pellets has become higher in recent times, the prices of this product are not prohibitive.
  • Wood boilers: generally, the most common models of these appliances are those with reverse flame. These are more ecological solutions than gas boilers and less sustainable than pellet or condensing models, however, even in this case, the thermal yield is very high and the cost for installation and maintenance is average.
The prices of a natural gas, LPG or diesel boiler vary from 300-350 euros to around 1300 euros.For the purchase of a condensing boiler it is possible to spend more than 2000 euros. Typically, devices of this type cost from 500 euros to around 2200 euros.The pellet boilers, have a band of medium-high price: the less powerful models (up to 30 kw) can cost from 1200 to 3500 € € about; devices with a higher power, which reach up to 50 kw, have a price ranging from 3500 euros to about 5000 euros and finally, appliances with a higher power (which is greater than 50 kw) have a cost that exceeds widely the 5000 euros.The average price for the purchase of a wood boiler is around 3500 euros. In general, the cost of these models varies from € 1500 to € 5000 approximately.

Boiler in alarm: faults

How come a boiler stops working? What are the most common failures that occur? Is it always necessary to contact a technician to solve device problems? Let us try to clarify and answer these questions.As is known, boilers are very complex appliances, the operation of which can be interrupted due to numerous types of problems. There are serious breakdowns and temporary malfunctions: in the first case, it is absolutely necessary to contact a professional, so that he can promptly restore the device; in the second, it is possible to resolve independently, but always with due care. Among the many problems that cause a boiler to fail, there are:
  • Lockout of the device : this malfunction occurs very often, especially when the pressure of the device is too high, or, if the supply valve, the spark plug and other components need maintenance. In this situation, it is best to request support from your trusted installer.
  • Water leaks: when you notice drops coming out of a boiler, it is possible that they are caused by a phenomenon of condensation. By lowering the pressure, this problem should be resolved immediately.
  • No hot water supply : in this case, it is possible that the pressure of the device is excessively low, or that the flow is blocked by too thick limestone sedimentations. To solve the malfunction, you can try turning the pressure tap, raising it; if this operation is not successful, it is advisable to contact a technician to replace or clean the pipes.
  • Ignition failure : this is the most serious problem, as it could be a malfunction related to the card. This failure can occur due to highly intense electrical phenomena, such as lightning. In this case, a technician must be called in to check the operation and replace the device; to protect the boiler from further and any such events, it is possible to install a plug, to be disconnected before a thunderstorm. Alternatively, a system with suppressors can be configured, which ensure that too much voltage does not reach the device board.

Boiler in alarm: maintenance costs

  • for wood or pellet boilers, the average total cost of ordinary maintenance to be carried out every year, amounts to about 150 euros;
  • obsolete gas boilers, (i.e., installed for more than 8 years), must be checked every 2 years, while new ones, every 4 years.
To the above figures, it is then necessary to add the costs relating to extraordinary maintenance, which concern precisely the breakdowns.© 2018-2019 Fixool
Caldaia in allarme chi chiamare a Milano
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